THE pepper EXPRESS: Palm Springs - Part Two

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Palm Springs - Part Two

It is never a real vacation unless you are able to truly unwind. Usually I will plan an itinerary that is jammed back with events and activities. But this trip didn't really have an agenda. So there were days when we questioned "What do we do?" There were days when Solin slept in until 10 am and we would enjoy breakfast together... which usually looked like this:
There were days on this vacation in which we would nap all day long like this:
Then there were days when I wanted to go on a drive and we ended up at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival grounds... which by the way was not in season. HA! We found the Jackson Hole Horse Emporium and The Empire Polo club instead. The festival grounds were absolutely beautiful and we loved seeing the Polo players practice. 
On our drive through the Coachella Valley we also found palm orchards full of dates. With my husband growing up on a walnut orchard it was a different view looking up at the large palms. We tried to stop at The Oasis Date Gardens before they closed, but we were a little to late :(
And of course any trip to Palm Springs is not complete with out a visit to Dinny the Dinosaur. Located off of interstate 10, this Cabazon Dinosaur is real! This road side attraction seems to be a gimmick but is nostalgic from my childhood! You get to climb up Dinnys tail by staircase and visit the gift shop inside his BELLY! The kids really didnt think to much of him... but I loved it!

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