THE pepper EXPRESS: Palm Springs: Part One

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Palm Springs: Part One

There is something wonderful about a Southern Californian Winter. There is no snow... there is 75 degree weather that is beyond beautiful. We drove over 500 miles to enjoy an urban winter wonderland with palm trees and hot springs! And also the Palm Springs International Film Festival was going on at the same time!
The Palm Springs Art Museum was on my list of things to enjoy. I don't think the kids really cared for it much.
 Dean is actually fixing his hair in the art installation reflection :)
Dean also makes a great impression of a statue!
 I have always admired anything from Chihuly^
 The walk of fame in Downtown can not be missed!
Tag your it...
Four out of Five of us are scared of heights. We decided to stay on the ground instead of taking the Tramway up the mountain!
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