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Friday, January 30, 2015

My Life #Instagrammed

My family lives far away in the Big Sky Country of Montana. I have my parents, two sisters, and one brother living up there in that chilly state. It is hard for them to be away from their first grand baby and first niece. They only get to view this blog and my Instagram profile to see our daily bit of Solin. So if you ever wonder why I am addicted to Instagram it is for them. Sending photos and videos via text message just ruins our data and memory on our phones. I prefer to use Instagram which allows us to keep the memories forever. If you would like to follow along, you can find me @pepperexpress
I don't know what to say about this photo. My baby girl was actually terrorizing this poor doll. She was pulling her hair and banging her head on the floor. I think I need to teach her how to play with dolls...
We started the year off right by watching the last sunset of 2 0 1 4
And we took another road trip down to Southern California. You can view the blog post HERE
Palm Springs Part One Post HERE
One of the best hotels in Palm springs: The Ace Hotel
Some fun in Joshua Tree HERE
My baby girl took her first step in Palm Springs and I celebrated like a mad woman. 
The Parker of Palm Springs posted HERE
Driving down to Southern California wouldn't be complete with out a visit to the beach. We enjoyed the comforts of beautiful weather during the month of January. You can visit that post HERE
After we got back home from our vacation, Solin had a pretty bad cold. It made us all sad and sleep deprived. It took us a couple days to recoup...
I have started a new series of blog posts this year. I am trying to take a portrait of my children each and every week in 2015 and HERE are some of the fun ones:
Solin and I traveled to Navato to visit these lovely ladies:
And of course we had Sofritas at Chipotle on January 26th. The promotion was just to good to pass up!
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