Saturday, January 3, 2015


We decided to go on another ridiculously long road trip. Our destination was Palm Springs but we took a small detour and visited the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. 
 and The Tar Pits...
 The Urban Light installation was already my favorite even before I walked into the museum! The grey street lamps made me feel like I was in a forrest and it was some sort of a dream.
 Even Solin was thrilled!
 I was happy that there were very few people in the museum. It allowed our family to slowly enjoy each individual piece. And I was able to take photos like these:
 Solin had already been in her carseat for the long ride. So she was not happy about staying in her stroller. So I let her crawl around the gallery while we enjoyed the group of Claude Monet's oil paintings.
 This interactive installation was one of the hands on art installations that the kids loved. The long yellow hoses felt like spaghetti and we actually visited the courtyard art piece many times that day.
One of my favorite Andy Warhol's:
Carlie stole my hat...
 Everyone enjoyed the Asian art exhibit especially the Samurai Sword installation!
 The LACMA's Modern Art collection is where I could have stayed... I even wanted to take home this piece:
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