THE pepper EXPRESS: Joshua Tree

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Joshua Tree

 My main selling point on this family vacation was that we would visit Joshua Tree. With the indigenous trees and humongous boulders the scenery was well worth the drive. The weather in the beginning of January was perfect. There was a nice breeze that would blow in the wind and the sun was warm enough that you didn't quite need you sweater. Hiking boots were necessary and even the GoPro was used. We spent most of the drive stopping at each individual exhibit and climbing on as many boulders as we could.
and we even found some snow
We hiked as far as we could. There were a few parts that were scary so we decided to turn back and continue on our travels. 
Keys View was a beautiful panoramic shot of the entire valley. You could see past Coachella to the Salton See and even Signal Mountain in Mexico.
^My littles playing with rocks^
Each individual Joshua Tree had a unique shape about themselves. 
You could not find any tree like the other.

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