THE pepper EXPRESS: Dear Solin,

Monday, January 5, 2015

Dear Solin,

Your character is truly showing these days. You have this silly defined smile that is hard to explain. Your teeth stick out and your lips curve in and it makes me giggle each and every time. Clapping your hands is one of your new ways to communicate. Whenever we sing "Pat-A-Cake" you chime it with the beat. The only word you say every day is officially: CADENCE. I have requested that we no longer use that word because you know call every dog or animal a  Cadence. As much as your sister Carlie says Cadence. We have tried to refrain from saying the dogs name around you. Mama and Daddy are other prominent words. On Christmas Eve you said "Grandpa" clear as day, but you haven't said it since. The names Dean & Carlie are said every so often that we wonder if they are just sound effects or if you are requesting their presence. 
The mess you make at the dinner table is hilarious. You spit raspberries of food at us when we feed you. And sometimes you grab the spoon and try and feed yourself. I was very surprised to know that you like sauteed onions. Your daddy tried to feed them to you, and of course you requested more. 
You crawl until your toes are dirty and your knees have rug burn. Your hair is at an awkward stage in which you are rocking a mullet. But the bows on your head still look soo cute. 
The greatest accomplishment of all is you have taken your first steps. At nine months old we are all astonished. When you took those cute little steps towards me... I screamed with delight. The loud sound startled you and I dont know if you will be encourage to walk again :?
Each and every week there are new things about you. Every day there is a new discovery and I love watching everything through your eyes. Your curiosity is key and I am impressed and how aggressive you are around other children. You are definitely a go-getter when you know what you want. I hope that never changes.
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