THE pepper EXPRESS: Ace Hotel - Palm Springs

Monday, January 5, 2015

Ace Hotel - Palm Springs

To be honest with you I had never heard of The Ace Hotel before Instagram. I was always curious why people were posting photos of such a unique sign. Usually the people who posted photos were on their way to Coachella or having a fun summer vacation in the desert. But I knew I wanted to visit this interesting hotel. And that we did
(My little Carlie Rae took the initiative and wanted a photo with the middle C)
and so did I
^^^Thank you for the wonderful words
This wall mural was such an inspiration. I love anything black and white and there is also some beautiful colors involved to.
I love him so
We decided to be little polar bears and take advantage of the heated pools. I was surprised at how much fun the kids had! Even Solin was a little fish.
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