THE pepper EXPRESS: 10 Months Postpartum

Sunday, January 25, 2015

10 Months Postpartum

If you would have told me nine months ago that I would get my body back. I wouldn’t believe you. There was a point in my pregnancy when the doctor told me I had gained a little too much weight and she was worried about preeclampsia. Since high school, I have stayed in the 130 lb range and for being 5’7 that was average for me and I was fine with that. But being pregnant and weighing in at 180 lbs a week before I had the baby… I was at risk. The doctors had to check my feet and my hands but there was no swelling. Only in my face and shoulders.
The day after I had Solin I was amazed at how fast my belly shrunk. I was able to feel my hip bones and was feeling a lot better! I was warned about the postpartum feelings and many told me I would get depressed… but it never came. I cried happy tears because I had this beautiful baby and I was always surrounded by family. The only postpartum symptoms that affected me was my body image. I didn't want any photos taken of me. In the hospital my father was the paparazzi and I was thankful that he took those photos, but when he posted them I went into shock! I demanded that all the photos be taken down immediately... and only the photos of me looking like a hospital zombie post birth. Other than that, I easily lost 25 lbs over night by having my baby, but how was I going to lose the extra 25? By breast feeding of course! And it worked! If anything breast feeding is one of the most challenging things I have done... but the most rewarding. Not only do I create this liquid gold every day, but each and every time I feed or pump I am losing 300 calories or more!
My baby girl turned ten months old today. Not only is she walking and babbling, but I am almost to my pre baby weight and I am thrilled about it! I love wearing my pre baby clothes… it feels like Christmas when I can go into my closet and put on my old clothes that actually fit!


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