THE pepper EXPRESS: Taking Stock

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Taking Stock

Making: Christmas ornaments out of salt and flour
Cooking: a French Toast Casserole recipe I found on Pinterest
Drinking: Hot Cocoa... with extra marshmellows
Reading: Yes Please! by Amy Poehler
Wanting: more rainy days... the California Storm of the century wasn't enough
Looking: forward to Christmas
Playing: chess with my husband's homemade chess set
Wasting: my time worrying about the perfect gifts
Wishing: for another baby... always
Enjoying: date nights with my husband. they are so few and far between they i take in each moment I can
Waiting: for the UPS turck :)
Liking: my comfy onesie pajamas.
Wondering: if Solin will keep her grey eyes?
Loving: cuddling with Solin on the couch.
Hoping: that we can visit the snow soon
Marveling: over all the mail we have received in the last week!
Needing: a few days off of work
Smelling: the Christmas tree
Wearing: my comfy onesie pajamas.
Following: @abeautifulmessofficial on instagram!!
Noticing: that the house is quiet... which means some one is being mischievous.
Knowing: that I need to plan my New Years resolutions
Thinking: of planning a vacation to Hawaii
Feeling: the holiday spirit all around
Bookmarking: gift ideas
Opening: a box of chocolates
Giggling: when Dean tells a funny/dorkiy joke only a 14 year old would know
Feeling: excited about Solin's First Christmas
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