THE pepper EXPRESS: Take me to Ikea

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Take me to Ikea

Any day of the week I will go to Ikea with you. As long as I have had enough rest and a good meal... because sometimes I get lost. And when you have Grandma and a baby with you... 
you need to come prepared.
^This white country kitchen has always been a dream of mine^
And I know these plaid curtains will be required in that country kitchen of mine
In the middle of our visit, Solin was tired of being in her stroller so we sat down in the showroom and made ourselves at home. She had so much fun crawling all of the place. She even collected a good size audience!
It was so hard to pass this rug... I want it soo bad... But I have no where to put it :(
And this is how I take my Ikea notes... I just take a photo of the aisle number and when I get to the warehouse it is very easy to find what I want...
But sometimes I get lost
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