THE pepper EXPRESS: Mommy's Night Out

Friday, December 26, 2014

Mommy's Night Out

After the holidays were over, my friend and I planned a movie night at the Paramount Theatre in Oakland. The Paramount Theatre of Arts has a wonderful atmosphere full of Art Deco and filled with a rich history. On their calendar of events they had a scheduled showing of The Wizard of Oz. Naturally we jumped at the opportunity.
 I personally like to sit in the front row of any movie theater. And in this theatre we had a wonderful view of the organ.
So I may have snuck a few photos... only because I was extremely excited. The crowd was all involved in the movie. They were singing and hissing at the Wicked Witch!
The Art Deco was eye catching to say the least.
^^Even the bathrooms were stunning
***Just make sure you get good parking when you go. We found a parking garage near by... but we had to pay and expensive price to park there :(

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