THE pepper EXPRESS: December 7th, 2012

Sunday, December 7, 2014

December 7th, 2012

A date which will live in infamy is actually a day that I hold very dear to me.
When my husband and I started talking about getting married in our fourth year of dating. There was a huge elephant that was always on my mind. My husband had had a procedure called a vasectomy. I knew I wanted to marry this man with all of my heart. But I also knew that I wanted to have babies… and lots of them! We did our research and after my husband proposed to me on Valentines Day of 2012, we scheduled a reversal on December 7th 2012. Two years ago my husband went through the grueling pain of a vasectomy reversal for me. The pain he endured was excruciating.

I remember taking these photos. And of course we laughed and we thought he looked funny. But he was truly nervous (I would be too) I knew sitting there in the pre op room that this man would do anything for me. I wasn't allowed to stay during the procedure so I went and did some Christmas shopping around town and when I got the call that they were finishing I headed over to see my prince charming. After I scrubbed up, I walked in to find my husband sipping on apple juice and in a hilarious stupor. He was still under the influence of the anesthetics and tried to have a conversation with me. The nurse informed me that he will have amnesia for a while. So our conversation was repetitive for the next 30 minutes. He would ask “What did you do while I was in there?” and I said “I Christmas shopped at Target and The Roseville Galleria” but then he would ask it again and again. I was concerned but thankfully the nurse was there to console me. Once my husband drank his weight in apple juice we headed out for our 2 hour commute home. But he was a trooper and was willing to venture off and see a wedding venue that was in route!!! I couldn't believe this man… Just an hour ago my husband was having micro surgery on his man business!!!
The poor guy walked as if he was a ninety year old man AND he couldn't play ping pong ball for a MONTH!! I babied him and let him sleep on the couch in front of the flat screen. I was really surprised at how well he handled the pain.
Two years later and we have a beautiful eight month old. Who is a spitting image of her siblings and has many of her fathers characteristics. I’m still crossing my fingers that she keeps my blue eyes!
It was also a funny detail to our honeymoon when we went to Oahu, Hawaii. We had to visit Pearl Harbor and pay our respects!
You can visit some of our big days in history HERE HERE & HERE!

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