THE pepper EXPRESS: Baby's First Christmas

Monday, December 1, 2014

Baby's First Christmas

Truth be told that this is more my wishlist for Solin than anything else. She will officially be nine months old exactly on Christmas Day. And she has no idea what Christmas is... but... mommy is still going to spoil her:
Baby's First Christmas

1. I am a true supporter of Small Business Saturday and this Wooden Toy Camera has caught my eye. Solin is at the age where she chews on everything. And this toy would be great for years to come.
2. It is a family tradition to get stuffed animals at my dads house. No matter how old you are you will leave on Christmas Day with a singing reindeer or a ridiculous looking rodent. I would love to buy this cute Little Penguin for Solin just to keep up with the silly tradition.
3. When Solin was born we didn't have an official name for her. It took us over 24 hours to sign the birth certificate. I am still in the process of decorating her nursery and this Classic Wood Letter would be perfect!
4. Solin's little bald head would be nice and warm in this Krochet Agatha Beanie.
5. Every baby girl needs a Christmas outfit and this Polka Dot Top would be just fine!
6. Another idea for a keepsake:Wooden Elephant. 
7. I have had my eye on this Large Giraffe Stuffed Animal since my baby shower. This stuffed animal is gender neutral and I actually want it for my self!
8. Every little girl deserves a Monnalisa Yellow Tulle Tutu Skirt
9. And I only wish that these Freshly Picked Moccasins came in my size!

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