THE pepper EXPRESS: Baby's First Christmas '2014'

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Baby's First Christmas '2014'

Every year Christmas is an insane rush for us. We usually over schedule the Christmas Day festivities and leave the 26th of December as a day of rest. This year we went to over seven houses in one day.
But first we had our quaint little Christmas at home:
7:30 am - Wake up and bake cinnamon rolls
7:39 am - Dean wakes up with the best Christmas morning enthusiasm. Carlie is still snoring away in bed cuddling her puppy. Solin just like her sister...
8:00 am - The unwrapping begins... although we evenly pass out each gift just to make sure that they don't get ahead of themselves.
8:15 am - All gifts are unwrapped. Months and weeks went into preparing for the perfect gifts for these little ones and within 15 minutes only a Christmas morning mess is whats left.
8:20 am - Stockings? We obviously did this in reverse order.
8:30 am - Caramel cinnamon rolls.... mmmmMmmmMMM!
8:45 am - Baby plays with her new gifts while we load the car just like Santa loads the sleigh!
9:00 am - Leave for Papa John's house.
9:30 am - Papa & Nana wait anxiously for us to arrive and then we see all of the wonderful gifts displayed in front of their Christmas tree. Every year Carlie & Dean get the most random fun gifts at my Dad's house. This year Dean received a fart machine, Carlie a camera with a selfie stick, and Solin a humongous pink rocking horse! We knew our time was limited so we actually had to set a timer to make sure we started packing up to leave at 11:15 am.
11:30 am - Leave to go to our next destination.
12:14 pm - Running late we arrived at Grandpa Bob's work to celebrate Christmas with my In Laws. While Grandpa worked. We opened gifts around him and sometimes we knocked over important blueprints and such... Deans favorite gift was a tub of licorice, Carlie recieved a utility tote for her dog training, and Solin a drum set :)
1:45 pm - Carlie and Dean are dropped off to enjoy Christmas with their mother.
2:07 pm - We visited Great Grandma and Grandpa to give them their gifts while they watch Solin have a tantrum because she is already exhausted. 
2:55 pm - Baby falls asleep on the way to pick up  Carlie and Dean from their other Grandma's house... just so they can visit with their other other Great Grandma!?! ( do you understand my modern family situation?) 
3:37 pm - Once again arriving late to another family members house. But this time we are here to stay for a couple of hours. The children recieve another set of wonderful gifts and we load up our car with more stuff than we left with. At this point our car was full to the point of overflow! We then have a delicious Christmas dinner made by Grandma Lexie and Aunt Becky.
5:30 pm - Carlie and Dean go back to visit with their mom for the weekend and we finish our never ending card game of Liverpool Rumy.
8:30 pm - We leave to travel full circle back to my Father's house because my little sister just got in! 

10:47 pm I finally lay in bed after baby is asleep and my poor husband is unloading the car. I am exhausted and the reality that I have to work tomorrow is just setting in

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