THE pepper EXPRESS: Keep Tahoe Blue

Monday, November 10, 2014

Keep Tahoe Blue

We have all heard that California is in a drought. We see the signs on the highway and hear the caution on the radio. There is a point of disbelief, in which we are in such denial that we believe that it can not be true! It’s not possible… everyone’s grass is green, we still take our daily showers and run the dishwasher. What will it take for you to understand the problem.
It was a slap in the face to drive up to Lake Tahoe and see the water line. Far below anything I had seen before. We were able to walk passed the docking zone. Where you would think Tahoe Tessi lived, under the beautiful boat houses, and into the muddy water that is ankle deep. Where is our crystal blue lake that we came here to see? It was a horrible feeling of depression, because I know I have not done my part. What can I do? If you want to help 
(Although the kids had fun it was a shock in reality of where their playing ground was)
(Sittin on the dock of the bay...)
(It is always a rare occasion to get all of the kids in one shot... ^^this will have to do for now)
(It was early in the day and the park was practically empty. 
It was fun to have Solin enjoy her first park experience)
(Total mom fail when she tries to eat the rubber bark!)
(We visit Lake Tahoe very often; as you can see HERE & HERE. And everytime I want to visit the The Art Of Dr. Seuss because most of the drawings are from some of my favorite books. It was a delightful treat to visit  Marcus Ashley Fine Art Gallery.)
(We stayed at the Kingsbury courtesy of V.I. Resorts and 
we enjoyed all of their amenities from Racquetball to the Billiard room)
(Solin is learning to crawl and finds the bed most comfortable for when she face plants:)
(We prepared a delicious breakfast for all of us to enjoy. A little comfort food before a long hike)
(There was a wonderful dirt trail that led to Nevada Beach. 
This trail was perfect fot the stroller and all four of the kids!)
(That's what fences are for... to climb on and climb over them)
(Nevada Beach is a great place to have a picnic and run around. We have a new Tahoe Tradition and that is to make sure to bury a family member in the sand)
(A trip to South Lake Tahoe is not complete with out a visit to one of the casinos. With the kids involved we love to take them to the arcades in both Harvey's and Harrah's)
(Solin really doesnt know what to do with all of the bright lights. Too much stimulation for her)
(And there is always time to shop around the Grand Residences of Marriott. You can visit all of the souvenir shops, take the Heavenly Gondola up the mountain, or just enjoy the beautiful colors of the season)
(And the drive home was a pleasure. The fall colors are in full bloom. If you get a chance pull over on Highway 49 and take a look at the South Fork American River you can view some Cabin Porn)
This post wouldn't be complete without a disclaimer. Don't take water for granted.

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