THE pepper EXPRESS: Happy Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

 I wanted a really good photo to post today because I wanted to tell my family how thankful I am for them. And while I am sifting through our iphoto library I realized that I have not posted any of our photos from our US Road Trip in June! There was a point after going through over 5,000 photos that I know I specifically put them on the back burner. Over a six week period we had taken over 5k photos… that sounds insane but its true. I didn’t get through half of them I just decided on a few good ones and left it at that.

I am grateful for this year that has been given to me. As we welcomed Solin into this world we also have Carlie and Dean growing into full blown teenagers. Attitude and all. I am thankful that each of them have their own character. And each of our babies are going through their own obstacles.
Dean has made us proud by joining the basketball team. All of his hardwork and dedication is paying off. He still comes home after practice with full enthusiasm to make his baby sister giggle and scream with laughter. He has a generous heart who has found success in playing the guitar. We love to make requests and we love to sing along. He is a blessing in my life and our oldest. Whatever you do and whatever you accomplish you know how to do it in your own style. I am thankful to have Dean in my life to teach me the trials and tribulations of being a parent to a teenager.
Carlie is a goal achiever who knows the line to success and she has decided to follow in the steps of her grandmother and barrel race on the weekends. While she received a new german shepherd puppy in which she has decided to train. She is the only dog trainer in the youth division but she has a wonderful coach who knows what she is doing. There are times in my day when I am grateful for Carlie. Because being a new mom, half the time I feel I could go insane. But Carlie is there by my side willing to help in every way.
Solin is fully mobile now. And her enthusiasm to get places is incredible. I will place her in the living room and within two minutes she is trying to escape out the front door. Her favorite escapade is to crawl after the cat. I don’t understand why she loves that furry feline but she will chase after Misty until she is tired. I am thankful that she keeps me on my toes!

Everyone is at a new stage in their life and our life has changed tremendously this year. I am just thankful that our family is open to adjustment and a growing family. The year is ending and the holidays only make me feel more love from our surrounding family members. I am thankful for each and everyone of you.
Hopefully you dont mind that I just spilled a bunch of random photos on you

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