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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Our Family Photos

Family photos are dear to me because I like to hang them on the mantel above our fireplace or send them in Christmas cards. Since our family is growing, I wanted an updated photo with our new addition. When we took these photos Solin was six months old and I thought she would be at the perfect age to take some great photos. 
We woke up early on that Sunday morning and we took our showers and dressed ourselves in our freshly pressed outfits. We had to brush Carlie's hair out for over an hour. I made sure to bring extra outfits just in case there were any accidents. I packed snacks, so no one would get hangry and we were ready to go!
The location of our family photos was preset at the Ferry Building in San Francisco. My cousin is an incredible photographer who has captured my Wedding and Our Family Photos before. She has had photos shoots at this location before and I was thrilled to be the subject in focus again. We were running a little late when we realized that we did not have a big breakfast. So once we started taking photos: No One Was Happy. The smiles were being forced. And the baby was unhappy! During our hour commute to SF, Solin did not take a nap and was very cranky. We decided to get the kids a treat and tend to the babies nap schedule. 
While the baby was sleeping we tried to squeeze in a few fun family photos. But her nap was merely a cat nap that lasted for ten minutes. But it was enough for her to be entertained. 
The sun was not in our favor. And we found shade beneath Cupid's Span at The Embarcadero. Our time slot was short lived and our photographer had to go on her way. But I was thankful for what she was able to capture in our allotted time. Even though we were not the most pleasant people to be around Lupe knew what she was doing and was able to stop time with these lovely photos. 
If you would like to contact Lupe D Brooke you can visit her website HERE!
And with our family there will always ALWAYS be a blooper reel! Solin decided to have a fit and I was surprised at how well Daddy took care of her. 
( No baby was harmed in the making of this photo.)

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