THE pepper EXPRESS: Brunch with our Cousins

Monday, November 24, 2014

Brunch with our Cousins

A couple years ago I was invited to a holiday brunch with my husband’s cousins. I felt as if I was an official family member and every year since we have set a family tradition of going out to brunch before the holidays begin. My sister in laws join us and we had all three of his cousins there too! This year we decided to invite Carlie along as her coming of age party, because that little lady will be thirteen on Saturday! And Solin joined because it was a unanimous vote to bring her. This year we chose to have brunch at The Dancing Fox in Lodi.
I recommended The Dancing Fox because my best friend had her bridal shower there last May. And I had read that every Sunday The Dancing Fox hosts a delicious BRUNCH
Every detail is set in such a unique way. There is an atmosphere that comes along with The Dancing Fox. I felt as if I had walked back in time into and old storybook. Where the candles were lit and the tapestries were placed along the rugged brick walls.
 There was an omelette station and delicious mimosa to go along with the savory linguica.
Everyone was in good spirits and the place was packed!
Another tradition is to take a group photo before any of us leave!
(The bread pudding was my favorite)
After brunch was over we decided to take a stroll along School St. in Downtown Lodi. 
 If you ever get a chance to visit Downtown Lodi; The School Street Bistro is delicious for dinner!
Strolling in downtown isn't complete with out some window shopping!
(This ornament was my fav)
My little Solin is always such a happy baby!
And my little Carlie Rae is a wonderful photographer. I am thankful for her everyday!
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