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Monday, October 6, 2014

Taking Stock

This photo is from the cutting room floor. It is just too cute not to post. 
And its hard for me to delete adorable photos like these:
Taking Stock:

Making: a to do list that never stops
Cooking: quinoa oatmeal with blueberries
Drinking: water. I am thirsty 24/7 while breastfeeding
Reading: Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham
Wanting: more rain
Looking: at blog stats
Playing: scrabble everyday until I can beat my husband
Wasting: my money on Starbucks every morning
Wishing: for another baby soon
Enjoying: our family dinners every night
Waiting: for the dryer to be done
Liking: my lunch dates with my husband .
Wondering: what Solin will look like when she is older
Loving: my long fuzzy grey socks
Hoping: that the weather cools down so I can wear more scarves
Marveling: at my poster prints from Staples
Needing: an electric sander for a DIY project
Smelling: my fall candles dispersed around the house
Wearing: jersey knit tshirt, yoga pants and comfy socks
Following: some very odd people on instagram
Noticing: that Carlie is wearing my shirt
Knowing: that i need to focus more on myself
Thinking: of decorating a gallery wall in my living room
Feeling: anxious and hoping Solin’s doctor appointment goes well
Bookmarking: fonts
Opening: my craft boxes full of scissors, stickers and such
Giggling: when Dean and Carlie make Solin laugh.
Feeling: full of joy because all my babies are happy right now

Taking Stock is brought to by these lovely ladies: Sydney, Becky and Pip
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