THE pepper EXPRESS: Pumpkin Pinterest FAIL

Friday, October 31, 2014

Pumpkin Pinterest FAIL

 I set up the carving station and used every precaution necessary. I even had my husband chaperon the shenanigans. I cleaned out the ooey gooey parts and saved the pumpkin seeds for roasting. I used a mason jar cap as a reference to cut the leg holes. And once the pumpkin was ready I undressed my baby girl and made sure to keep her diaper on. Put a cute bow on her head and then tried to fit her wide thighs into the Jack O'lantern's opening. HA nope that didn't happen. Solin inherited her mamas thighs. In which the doctor diagnosed as "child bearing hips" and my mother always called them "saddle thighs." 
I'm Sorry Solin. 
I proceeded to cut the hole even bigger and then realized the proportion of the leg holes were not correct with her height... It was all wrong. After many attempts and corrections we finally put her in. And thankfully she was in a good mood. We used her older siblings as the attention grabbers and what you don't see in these photos are Carlie and Dean jumping up and down behind the camera. Solin is such a happy baby that sometimes I need to take a step back and cherish every single little smile.
I hope you all have a wondeful and happy HALLOWEEN!
 She preferred to play with the leaves and probably thought she was hanging out in her high chair.
So there was a time when she was getting whiny and I tried to pull her out; but then she got stuck. I was in total panic mode at that point. I tried once and then a second time... and she was not coming out of that pumpkin. So while I tried and called for her daddy's help. I popped her on and gave her a little snack. I honestly feel like this was a Pinterest FAIL. Because what is not pictured... is the point were we had to cut her out!?! I'm not joking... there were tears and they were mainly coming from me because I just thought I was the worst mom possible... This was all for a photo shoot and my poor baby got stuck in a pumpkin. Ladies I truly wouldn't recommend doing this. My only recommendation would be to cut the back of the pumpkin out so that you can slide the baby in and out... why didn't I think of that in the first place?!?

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