THE pepper EXPRESS: Let's Go on a Field Trip

Monday, October 6, 2014

Let's Go on a Field Trip

 Last Friday night Carlie and Dean spent the evening with their Grandmas and my husband and I decided to take the baby on a little fun filled date night. I actually didn't know what was in store. But I packed baby up and she was ready to go with Sophie in hand!
 We tried a new shop that has macarons and of course Solin wanted some:
 And right next to Bon Mange my husband found a Krispy Kreme. 
To my surprise he had never had a Krispy Kreme BEFORE!
 At first Solin didn't really care about the donuts
and then she was all involved:
"I'll take that please!">
"Daddy, can I have a donut?">
"Never mind, I will have them ALL">>>
All three of us were mesmerized by the conveyer belt full of fresh donuts. 
The originals will always be my favorite!

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