THE pepper EXPRESS: False Alarm

Friday, October 10, 2014

False Alarm

After a consultation a month ago our doctor recommended that my baby girl have a MRI done to see if she had tethered cord syndrome. They informed me that she would need to be sedated. We scheduled the appoint and here we were sitting in the waiting room. 
For some odd reason, Solin's favorite toy is a tooth brush!?!
(Daddy was acting tough for mommy, because mommy was scared and didn't know what to do)
(They did not allow us to go with her so the hour that passed was one of the longest and my husband decided to buy some comfort food at Cybelle's)
 (Here is a photo of her waking up from the anesthesia)
 (The long drive home allowed her to recover and by the time we were at our neighborhood Target she was just fine)
 (Maybe a little disappointed that Mommy took her to Target again)
The doctors called an hour after we left. The results show that she does not have tethered cord syndrome and it was a nice relief 
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