THE pepper EXPRESS: Exploring the Exploratorium

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Exploring the Exploratorium

The Exploratorium's previous location was near the Palace of Fine Arts. The warehouse in which it was located in was massive. I do not know the reasoning behind their location change, but I think it was ingenious! The Exploratorium is now located on pier 15, prime real estate with the Embarcadero and the Ferry Building.  This was the first time our family was able to visit the new location since the move. We received advertisement that they provide “Free days” every now and then. You can view their schedule HERE. The lines were long and the crowds were sprawling. Once we entered The Exploratorium's warehouse there was enough room for everyone. A couple times we had to wait in line for certain stations. 
But other than that it was a wonderful day.

(The view was incredible, but like I said we were not the only ones who heard about the free days)

(Solin was very considerate... she didn't fuss the entire time :)

(What a beautiful warehouse)
(I think Solin was just as excited as I was about the library section)
(Our portrait was taken for the namesake)
(Can you tell what she is thinking by her eye description?)
(Mr. Dean knows how to make some steam bubbles)
(Solin loves it when Carlie holds her. This always touches my heart)

(I think I am going to need to name my doggy Pepper now #PepperDog)
(This room was most impressive. With the light everything was black & white)
(Included: a beautiful view of the bay)

(I had no idea what she was doing. But I think she has out grown her Bugaboo Carriage)
(The Embarcadero is where it's at)

 A Few Recommendations:

  • Get there before they open. You can visit their website to confirm hours of operation HERE
  • Parking is free on sundays in specific zones. Park a few blocks away and the walk isn't that far.
  • The entire building is wheelchair accessible and the aisle were big enough for the stroller.
  • The weather was a warm with a simple breeze. But I would still recommend to dress in comfortable clothes and bring a cardigan just in case.
  • The Exploratorium has a cafe. But there are hundreds of other restaurants near buy that have other options. It would be best to eat before you go in.
  • Plan to spend at least three hours there. We had to cut a few laboratories short because we were on a time limit.

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