THE pepper EXPRESS: Clements Rodeo Grounds

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Clements Rodeo Grounds

I was always afraid to be that “Soccer Mom.” I thought once I had the van and started preparing snacks for every game I wouldn’t be “Cool” anymore. Well we tried the whole soccer thing and it turns out that our kids prefer other unique activities. Dean has mastered playing the guitar and it makes me smile every time he starts playing “La Bamba.” And our little Carlie loves being in the youth division for Dog Training. But her new found hobby is barrel racing and we can not stop smiling…. because she really knows what she is doing:
Solin is in that stage where she is trying to identify and recognize peoples faces. 
She loves her siblings but is afraid of Grandpa :(
(Big Sister & Little Sister)
(Can I enlarge and frame these photos and keep them FoReVeR?!?)
(Solin knows how to cheer along with the crowd)
(You can see how proud her dad is by his shadow... he will record anything for her)
(Bad idea to wear brand new boots to a Rodeo)
(Sassy was her name and she did well)
The Clements Rodeo Grounds is where you can find us on the weekends these days. We are thrilled that the weather has cooled down. Because those first few Saturdays were scorching 

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