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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Two Birds One Post

Earlier this year my eyeglass prescription changed… because I was pregnant. I did not know that your eyesight can improve when you become a prego!?! After visiting my doctor and being appalled by their prices in frames. I decided to search elsewhere. There was a wonderful recommendation from the Two in Love blog for Warby Parker. I bought some wonderful Chamberlain frames in Saddle Sage  and I have enjoyed their quality so much that I would like to buy their sunglasses. As advertised on their blog you can Home Try-On five pairs of sunglasses for 5 DAYS!!! I picked out my five favorite frames and they sent them to me the next day!
I’m killing two birds with one stone today because I am excited about the new app from #PartyParty. You can take photo booth quality photos and turn them into a GIF or have them in a photo square collage:
Sometimes I like to goof around and take a lot of silly photos. My only disappointment is that you can not delete a bad photo. When you take your 9 or so photos and an ugly photo appears… 
there is no option to delete it.
***Last night I updated the app and they have fixed this!!!
Yes I loved them a little too much. Making a decision was hard. Here are my favorites:

Five sunglasses to choose from  and I could only decide on four…
I only have 5 days. Which sunglasses would you keep?
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