THE pepper EXPRESS: South Lake Tahoe

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

South Lake Tahoe

Labor day weekend is usually the decline of the Summer. But I find September 1st one of the happiest days of my life. Because its my birthday! We have a yearly tradition of visiting Tahoe and this year was the most difficult. Every camping location was sold out, our timeshare had nothing available and even the hotels were ridiculous in price. It wasn't until thursday night before our three day weekend, that my husband found a reservation open at The Fallen Leaf Campgrounds. Which is prime real estate in the camping community! 
(My little happy camper loved the midnight fire)

(Both of them have their morning eyes on)
(Morning walk with a Good Morning Yawn!)
(Our campsite with it's morning glory)
(Sometimes it is very difficult to take his photo)
(We forgot to bring baby toys. So we improvised and found a wooden giraffe to make up for her Sophie)
(Our home away from home)
(Solin is glamping in her Bugaboo)
(Our fellow twin campers)
(On Labor Day weekend you need to get to the lake before everyone else does)
(Naturebox snacks from LoveTaza)
(Solin didn't know what to think about the sand)

(Within an hour Baldwin Beach was sworming with people)

(I was actually able to walk out to the kayaks and let daddy play with Solin. She was not a fan of the cold cold water. Although it was crystal clear!
(One of the rare photos of Mr. Dean)
(The sand was nice and warm and relaxing)
(The kayak paddles became wonderful sand shovels)
(It was my birthday so naturally I requested Donuts, even when we are camping)
(Sister trying to feed Solin a donut)
(Carlie Rae knows how to win all of the tickets at the Harrah's Arcade)
(Solin and I know how to loose our tickets at skee ball)
(If you are ever at the stateline of California and Nevada you must go here and try their Margherita pizza and their Darker Parker brew)
(She is always in such a good mood)
(Daddy's Girl all the way)
(We chose to watch the gondolas instead of taking a ride. Because the lift tickets were $42 a piece, multiplied by a family of can do the math)
(Hopefully this doesn't look to gross... because it was DELICIOUS! 
My birthday wouldn't be complete without some Chipotle)
(Solin is too young for solid food, but she trys when she can)

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