THE pepper EXPRESS: Lodi Grape Festival

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Lodi Grape Festival

It happens every year. We see the Ferris Wheel being built on the fairgrounds and we get excited. We hear the advertisement for the Grape Festival on the radio and we want to go. 
We plan a day, we get together, and then we realize:
it is way too hot to take our families out to the fair!
With the weather being in the high 90s; we quickly run to the auditoriums and enjoy the air conditioned rooms with the lovely display of grapes.

(This was my favorite display... I love Raggedy Ann and Andy)
(I wanted to eat the Michael David grapes!!!)
(The Bugaboo stroller was the perfect height for Solin to hide under the display tables... 
and she thought it was hilarious)
(Photo booths are my favorite... especially when they are out of order... 
because you can take photos like these...)

(This souvenir stall is every parents nightmare... because the kids want everything!)
(Bueller? Bueller?..... Bueller?)
(I am thankful that Robert was brave enough to ride the Scrambler with me)
(It was way too hot for anything else)
(They always look so majestic)
(The Gravitron is one crazy ride)
(We tried to hold on, but our fingers were smashed by the moving seats and it hurt pretty bad!)

(My husband and I finished the day off by riding the Zipper) 
(View from the top of the Zipper cage)

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