THE pepper EXPRESS: Lodi Farmers Market

Friday, September 5, 2014

Lodi Farmers Market

Unfortunately this farmers market was the last of the season. Throughout the Summer my husband I drive to my home town and enjoy a lovely stroll down School St. The town offers alluring shops and restaurants that are nostalgic for me. Honestly the prices of most of the produce are a little pricey. However I find some of my favorite items located under their little white tents.
(I love chhhheeeeessseeee)
(This photo made me soo excited! Pumpkins are here!)
(The grapes were delicious and nutritious)
(Back away from the Habanero Peppers)
(Kettle corn is my usual farmers market souvenir)
(This is such a clever idea. I really admire La Bella Mobile Boutique and I was eyeing that hat all night)
(My little lady and a wonderful bouquet of flowers)
(Of course the Margherita Pizza is the best!)
Im sad to say that there are not too many photos of our family from the farmers market. Because there was a point in that night when everyone was hungry. We actually fell into the HANGRY category. We didn’t eat a good dinner and when you go to a farmers market surrounded by delicious food, it’s very hard not to buy everything you see and smell. I have fallen in love with The Dancing Fox confectionaries and will always buy their meringues. But I can not live on that alone. My husband bought the kids fudge from The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and they didn't have fun after that sugar spike! So we ended the night earlier than I wanted. It was a sorrow goodbye to the Lodi Farmers Market.

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