THE pepper EXPRESS: Joyeux Anniversaire Jessica

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Joyeux Anniversaire Jessica

I remember when birthday parties were full of cupcakes and weird hats. You would invite too many kids to your house and everyone would be on a sugar high. Now that I am 28 we don't have birthday parties anymore. Instead we celebrate and go out and have fun adventures... like the Winchester Mystery House. I was skeptical to go because I'm a wimp. I heard scary stories about the mansion and was a little afraid. It was my friend Jessica's birthday and she wanted all of us to go on a Mystery House Tour. I decided to be open minded and here is what I found:

( We were told that you can not take photos during the tour... I'm a rebel and decided "Why Not?")
( A window in the middle of the floor?)

(The Tiffany stained glass created such a beautiful infraction throughout the room)
(Mrs. Winchester built around her bell tower)
(I do not understand this. A door without a balcony!?!)
(My favorite was the gardens)

(There is always time for a snack break... and I will always vote for CHIPOTLE)

(Sometimes I shouldn't climb trees... because I never know how to get down)
(Our second stop of the day was the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum)
(This replica of King Tut's Tomb was intimidating. I was a little afraid to go in)

(We ended the night at BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse with a delicious Framboise)
(And their mozzarella tomato salad is worth trying)
(Happy Birthday Jessica)
(Don't leave BJ's Restaurant without enjoying one of their s'more pizookies!)

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