THE pepper EXPRESS: Jacks Be Nimble

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Jacks Be Nimble

My entire pregnancy I craved this place like crazy. I never made my way up to Sacramento and had the time to enjoy some Urban Eats. My husband and I had a pretty interesting day... in which our errands went from the hospital to a credit union to the post office... long story short we found ourselves hungry with an abundance of time in Sacramento. And the only place I wanted to go was Jacks's Urban Eats.
My very good friend Sandi had introduced me to the fries 
and I knew my vegetarian husband would love the salad options.
 (There are a couple locations in Sac, but this one is my favorite)
 (Love the ambience of the place)
(And that marquee sign ^^^)
 (Solin usually entertains herself, however today she wanted some fries too)
(I do not like blue cheese, but when it is on these delicious Urban Fries; 
plus Buffalo Sauce and Red Pepper Flakes... I will eat them all)

This post is brought to you by the letter J. Because I, Jennifer, would love to have this letter marqueed for me... Please! I have actually found some amazing DIY tutorials HERE and HERE

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