THE pepper EXPRESS: Family Date Night

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Family Date Night

For my birthday my husband wanted to get me a dozen macarons... And he found this place:
Macaronage pronounced (ma-kro-naj) is nestled in the middle of Stockton
and is the perfect spot for some delicious confections!

(The beautiful colors were eye catching to say the least)
(But the green tea macaron filled with strawberry cream was delightful!)
(Solin was a little cranky because she couldn't have one)
(And the snow fluffs... What are they? An ice cream/snow cone with wonderful toppings)
(Carlie and Dean were very intrigued)

(Macaronage is a wonderful place for yummy treats. We took our desserts and picnicked at a nearby park because their seating was minimal.)
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