THE pepper EXPRESS: Dear Solin,

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Dear Solin,

Six Months. I don't believe it. Your fat and chubby face looks like you are an eight month old, but I know that I only gave birth to you six months ago and I can not understand how you have grown so much. Your new nickname is Tri-Tooth because your top left tooth has fully emerged and momma is not happy about it. Last week while I was feeding you, 
you decided to bite down and cause mommy heart wrenching pain! 
I'm so proud that you can sit up and eat your baby food now. You love sweet potatoes and kick your feet up and down whenever I feed them to you. You try to crawl… you’re not there yet but you try. We all love to make you laugh because baby laughter is pure magic and brightens every one's eyes. It is now officially fall and your love for the outside grows everyday. You show your appreciation for nature just by the reflection of the trees in your eyes. And the color of your eyes takes after your middle name. 
They are a deep grey; and I wonder if they will stay.

PS: my wonderful friend Sandi made her sweater. And your can visit her etsy account HERE!

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