THE pepper EXPRESS: Dear Solin

Friday, September 12, 2014

Dear Solin

My poor baby! You are teething and not happy about it either. You are 24 weeks old ( do I keep counting by weeks or months at this point?) how about 171 days old (too much?) Okay Okay so you are 5 months 2 weeks and one day old… statistically speaking. And you have your third tooth coming in from the top. You are mean to mommy when she is feeding you. You thinks its funny when she yells ouch when you clamp down. And you love biting down on daddy’s finger. Your auntie Katie bought you a really cute banana toothbrush (here) and Mr. Banana is your favorite to chomp on. I hope you're not mad that I am documenting this cry baby face of yours. But I love it. I feel guilty that sometimes I watch you cry because you are just so darn cute. Your cry sounds like a baby doll and it is adorable. Yesterday you tried your first baby food. Momma made you a sweet potato and you LOVED IT! Your feet were excited and your hands were grabbing for more… We are going to have so much fun with our purees.

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