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Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Color Run

Sacramento hosted their annual Color Run. And since we are on a 5k buzz right now we decided to participate as Team Fruit Loops! I joined my friends Alicia and Jessica for the run around. To prepare we found our white tights at target, had a friend make the white tutus, and I found my white spanks at Sports Authority where we had to check in for the event. Checking in was the most difficult because you had to check in two days before in Sacramento. And I had to work those days. So I commuted to Sacramento on a heavily trafficked Friday night and found my self at the Sports Authority grabbing my teams gear. The check in was a party in itself. There was music playing, crowds dancing and the color run store was available. With my $45 registration fee I received a mesh bag, with my Color Run Tshirt, headband, bracelets, tattoos, and color safe Shout.
The race started at 9am. However getting up and getting prepared started at 6am. We all traveled together and found parking near the Capitol Mall. And found out we were not the only ones in tutus! The start line was booming with music. Adrenaline was being pumped out of the speakers. Everyone was so energetic from the swag that was being thrown into the crowds. There was over ten thousand people there. So we had to start the race in different groups.
Running through Old Sacramento was nostalgic for me. With the cobblestone roads and the old fashion buildings I had visited many times before. We even found a bathroom on the river ( since the only other options were porta potties.)
Our first color was PINK and we were pumped to be splattered with powder. But there was sooo many people that we actually had to stand in line…

It was nice to see families running together. I had decided not to bring my baby girl because I was afraid she would inhale the powder. There were babies and children in their strollers and they had the rain ponchos over the stroller which was a clever idea. The kids were having a wonderful time.
Blue was fun but we seemed to have lost one of our teammates because everyone ends up looking the same!

When we ran through purple my friend was splashed in the eye with the purple powder and it was difficult to clean out her contact. So be careful when you run through the colors.

Once again at the finish line we had lost our teammate. And found her in the end. Where they were giving us our color packets. The registration said we would be given 2 packets of color. The volunteers were only giving out 1 packet which was a little disappointing.
We still had an awesome time throwing our individual colors all around.

My tips and hints on preparing for the color run:
  1. Create a costume. Be unique. When we showed up in tights and tutus… so did everyone else! There were people dressed up as unicorns and the abominable snow man. Be different.
  2. Bring sunglasses or goggles for the little ones. Getting powder in your eye is no joke.
  3. Bring towels to cover your car seats when you finish. The powder gets everywhere!
  4. Make sure you are wearing comfortable clothes and clothes that you don't mind getting dirty. We sprayed our tutus and t shirts with vinegar to keep the color on them. But my white shorts and sports bra were stained from the color as well. 
  5. Wear a bandana over your mouth. I was sprayed in the face with blue powder; and my teeth were pretty gross.
  6. When you get home and shower be prepared and have a new loofah or scrub brush. Because I used my daily loofa and it was stained there after. Also my bath and body wash was not working to get the blue off my skin. I had to use a Dove bar of soap with the scrub brush. The inside of my ears I used q-tips. And my fingernails were stained as well. 
  7. I had tried to wrap my cell phone with saran wrap. But the photos were groggy. So I decided not to use anything and my phone turned out find. My otter-box case has a few colors in the creases; it's not to bad.
  8. Walk in to a restaurant after your done and have a celebratory lunch! It was fun walking into a brew house and having everyone stare at our ensemble…
  9. And lastly wear sunscreen!

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