THE pepper EXPRESS: Back to Work

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Back to Work

One week since I started work again and I just want to go home a cuddle with my baby. My husband gets to stay at home with her while he works on his real estates. So I am a very jealous mommy right now. When I get home she is one gleeful baby all full of smiles. I’m not away from her that long. I actually come home at lunch everyday to feed her. I’ll work for 4 hours come home and she has put on a hunger strike for daddy. She refuses to eat from the bottle. While I am at work for those 4 hours I express enough milk for her next feeding. But noooo Solin decides that she will wait for mama. I must say that I feel a little proud about this… that she only wants mama… but then I feel a little sad because she is cranky those 4 hours with daddy. The doctor said she will eat when she is hungry enough. But this hunger strike scares me. Once I am home, Solin is one happy baby, no longer cranky and we get to spend some lovely quality time together.

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