THE pepper EXPRESS: Easter Parade

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Parade

Three weeks postpartum and I decide to partake in a 5k Easter run. I'm crazy right.... And why don't I bring my 3 week old baby with me. Now I’m truly insane!

I woke up bright an early and put on my running shoes. Met my friend and ventured off to Lodi Lake where their annual Easter 5k is staged. This was my very first 5k. I had decided to sign up for the 5k as my motivation to get back in shape. When the time came; I was already having separation anxiety and didn't want to leave my breastfed baby at home. So she came along with me. I bundled her up with a beanie and gloves. She was nice and cozy in her Bugaboo carriage.
Again I was only three weeks postpartum and did not receive my OK from the doc to start working out. So I took it slow. The 3.1 mile run became a 3.1 mile stroll.  Other women were there with their toddlers in their running strollers. And Solin was sleeping like a baby in her Bugaboo Cameleon.

I ended the 5k at 00:58 minutes and journeyed off to the after party of pancakes and carbs!

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