THE pepper EXPRESS: Birthday Boy

Monday, March 10, 2014

Birthday Boy

Every year I have the same dilemma. What do I get my husband for his birthday? He is the kind of man who will go out and buy what he wants when he wants. So when I try and brainstorm for a present, I always get lost. We are at the point in our relationship where we have decided to go somewhere on our birthdays in lieu of gifts. And when I asked my husband what he would like to do. He told his 37 week pregnant wife that he would like to hike Mount Diablo. So I decided to humor him and instead of hiking we are going to settle by taking an afternoon drive through the back roads and end the day with a picnic at the top...

 I was very impressed with the view from the top. I had visited Mount Diablo when I was younger. But I don't remember there being an observatory.

 RJ doesn't like his photo to be taken but I'm going to make an exception just to document this wonderful day.
It had rained earlier in the day, which gave us an amazing view of the bay area. We could even see the Golden Gate Bridge.

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