THE pepper EXPRESS: Adventures in Costa Rica: While 30 Weeks Pregnant

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Adventures in Costa Rica: While 30 Weeks Pregnant

Finally found some time to share with you our amazing trip to Costa Rica. I have thought long and hard about my time spent abroad and to sum my entire trip into one word would be ADVENTURE. This trip was not for luxury.  We surely didn't plan on high in hotels. However I do have a few favorite places.  
 Our layover was in Mexico City and we decided to do some site seeing at The Teotihaucan Pyramids and eat some delicious Mexican FOOD! Oh the pregnancy cravings were in full swing!
My husband was wonderful. I wanted to climb the pyramid but we all knew it was a little too dangerous so he held my hand and we took each step at a time and I made it to the TOP!
 From San Jose airport we stayed in Alajuela over night at a very nice hotel that accommodated us with a yummy breakfast called Gallo Pinto. Which while being prego was my favorite.  I needed the protein of the scrambled eggs and loved the extra fruit platter that came along.

 We then took a bus from Alajuela to La Fortuna. Where the weather changed on us for the better. It was over casted and misty. I didn't learn to appreciate this cloudy rainforest until later. Because it was over casted we never actually saw the Arenal Volcano.
We did enjoy the hanging bridges and the Eco Termales Hot Springs. I wasn't able to fully submerge my body into the hot springs as my doctor told me that was a  NO NO when you are 30 weeks pregnant. So I enjoyed the cool pool and waterfalls. I did rest my feet on a step. Which was much needed because my ankles were pretty swollen from hiking earlier that day. The Eco Termales Hot Spring was a highlight of the trip because we didn't have to rush any where. We were able to relax and enjoy a fancy beverage while dinner was delicious as well.

The next day was when the true adventure started. My brother in law signed us up for a river raft tour. I had heard that we were going to see wild life. But I didn't get my hopes up. First sighting of a two toed sloth was found even before we emerged in the water. Our tour guide was fantastic and really made the trip memorable. Crocodiles were everywhere, I panicked a little because the size of the raft and the space between me and the croc was enclosing and I couldn't handle the fear. But my hubby kept me in safe distance and we were able to take some pretty good photos. Howling monkeys, snakes and blue herons were every where. this river raft tour was already better than the Disneyland Jungle Cruise. 

We had lunch at the Peter's Farm. Where Mr. Peters whom is 101 years old lives. His daughter made us homemade coffee, cheese, and grilled plantains. My favorite was the yuca cake with coconut. I felt very privileged because Mr. Peters and his daughter blessed my baby within and just being on their farm felt warm and welcoming.
We did not rent a car which was a good decision  However driving from La Forunta to Quepos was costly. We climbed aboard an Interbus and traveled the bumpy 3 hour drive to the hottest destination of all. 
When the doors opened in Queopos, I gasped from the humidity. I was wearing yoga pants and and sweatshirt that clung to me. Our resort was walking distance to the beach. We were not impressed with the accommodations however the location was perfect. 
Our first day in Manuel Antonio we did not know where we were going or even how to use the bus systems; and found ourselves hiking up hill for about a mile. BAD IDEA. The weather was ghastly hot and throughout most of my time in Manual Antonio I lived out of my bathing suit and a sarong dress. Night time was warm weathered with a beautiful breeze from the ocean. In the morning the howler monkeys would go crazy with the roosters which made for an interesting wake up call. 
We found a favorite internet cafe called Cafe Milagro. Where breakfast was closed already and the chef still made hungry preggers macadamia pancakes. The culture in Costa Rica was absolutely amazing about me being pregnant.
 Manuel Antonio National park was a good choice. I would just recommend going very early before there are crowds of people. We entered the park around 10am and there was a massive amount of people. Although having other tour guides around to spot the slothes up in the tree did help. If you plan on going to Manual Antonio National Park come equipped with really good binoculars, hiking gear, and beach supplies. I was wearing work out clothes and had my camera around my neck so I wasn't able to go swimming on their gorgeous beaches. The exit of the park was very interesting as you must walk across a small creek; which during the morning is low tide and there is a sign that says beware of crocodiles!!!

There was a point were I was a little homesick. I was watching a show with subtitles and all of a sudden I would have preferred my own bed over the hot humid room I was in. So before we left for the airport, we stayed the night once again in Alajuela and RJ surprised me by getting Pizza Hut. Oh I was thrilled and sad at the same time because I was going home alone and my husband had decided to stay for another two weeks. I had a nasty lay over in Mexico City in which I checked into a hotel and slept for 6 hours and still made it back to the airport in enough to catch my flight later that night. It is comforting to be home, along with knowing my doctor is only a few miles away. SO many people gave me a hard time before I left to Costa Rica. And truly I had an amazing time being pregnant and traveling. This little baby of ours is already a world traveler and I am so happy that my husband has a heart full of wanderlust to enjoy this with.

Our next adventure is the baby, whom is due any day now!!!

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