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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Pregnancy Update

Before I go into a post to dump a whole lot of Costa Rican Touristy Photos. I Found this cute questionnaire to follow. I admire Diary of a Fit Mommy and thought I would give a little update here.

How far along? 32 weeks!

Gender: We are not going to find out!

Total Weight Gain: 28 lbs

Stretch Marks: I went from an A cup to a C cup. Bio oil has helped tremendously.

Belly Button: Almost out... I think its going to pop out once the baby is done cooking!

Wedding Rings On/Off:  Off... sad to say that I actually took my ring off before we went to Costa Rica and I have been wearing a wooden ring my husband gave me as a present.

Movement: All day long!!! The most movement is at night time when I'm laying down in bed. However it feels like the baby is going crazy in the morning after my cup of orange juice. Every now and then I feel a pressure push out near my belly button and I always wonder if that could be the head or the cute little butt!

Feeling: Fantastic! This pregnancy has been wonderful. So many people had given me horror stories. I haven't had any morning sickness and the baby has been growing just right. This pregnancy makes me want to have more babies!

Cravings: Chocolate German Cake.... mmmm with coconut frosting!

Symptoms: Ligament pain in my front hips. I'm just not used to all of this pressure and weight.

Missing: My husband. He's still in Costa Rica for another week.

Looking Forward to: Valentines day next week. My husband will be home and we will have another ultra sound.

Sleep: I am going to be early these days. 9 pm is bedtime for me. I still feel a little jet lagged because I am waking up before my alarm clock and also going to the bathroom 2-3 times in the middle of the night.

Exercise:  I bought Tracy Anderson's: The Pregnancy Project off of Amazon and I really do like it. I just feel like its not working because with each day I feel more swollen.

Eating: Everything. Super bowl weekend was hard because there was chips and banana splits and I didnt even watch the super bowl!

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