THE pepper EXPRESS: Family Vacation in YOSEMITE

Friday, February 28, 2014

Family Vacation in YOSEMITE

Before the baby is born we decided to go on a family vacation to YOSEMITE! We actually go to Curry Village every year around this time. But it feels like our last hurrah before we area family of five. My maternity leave has officially started and I am already stir crazy. 
The Drive to Yosemite Valley is beautiful and just what I needed.
 (The weather was absolutely horrible. We couldn't turn it around for the best. Although I loved seeing their happy little smiles playing around in the puddles)

(And that little Carlie...)

(It was cold, raining and we were technically camping... So I didn't care how fashionable I looked... OK maybe I did but my hands were up in the air)

(I love this photo of Dean, he was excited to climb on the enormous boulders) 

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