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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Packing List For:

Packing List For:

So here I am 7 months prego and we are going to Costa Rica NEXT week. Whoo hoo I found something to blog about! Life has been crazy focusing on baby in utero and my husband retiring; so I've had a lot on my mind. And I get even more excited when I can blog about something. More prego belly photos will be up soon enough I promise. Im still a little cautious, but I'm in love with this baby bump! And I have been keeping the baby all to myself... selfish I know! So the hubby and I have planned a wonderful trip before the baby is born. Some may call it a BabyMoon... which it is! The best part about going on vacation is packing and planning. I definitely want to be prepared since we found out the weather is going to be in the 90's.
 Here are some of my favorites that I will be packing for myself. ASOS Maternity is my all time favorite. Nine months of amazing clothes and awesome prices. Every week I have a new package from them. More details will be posted... Im also going to try posting internationally... lets see how that turns out.

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