THE pepper EXPRESS: Leaving Costa RIca

Monday, January 27, 2014

Leaving Costa RIca

I spent my last night in Alajuela near the San Jose airport. I was extremely home sick. To the point of tears. I was craving pizza so my husband found a Pizza Hut and bought me the biggest pizza pie I could get!
(Goodbye Costa Rica you were good to me)

(My handsome husband and our pizza pie)
(The airplane was very welcoming... only because I know I was going home to sleep in my own bead and they also gave me some yummy fresh fruit)

(I had a horrible 13 hour lay over in Mexico City. We thought it would be a good idea to rent a room at the airport hotel. So I slept for over six hours...HEY, pregnant ladies need their sleep!)

 The only sad part is my husband decided to stay a little bit longer in Costa Rica with his brother. I am going home to enjoy the comforts of my bed and a few doctor appointments. I have my family and friends at home to take care of me. I am confident that I am not gonna go into labor. Well my fingers are crossed :)

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