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Friday, November 22, 2013

Pregnancy Must Haves

Pregnancy Must Haves

  1. This brush may look rough. But I am telling you when your hair is falling out and your scalp is sensitive you are going to want a high quality hair brush!
  2. Shea Butter Shea Butter Shea Butter… 3X a day if you must.
  3. Bubble bath why not? Just be careful about the temperature of the bath.
  4. Socks, oh how wonderful comfortable socks can be. When your feet are swollen and its cold outside. Cuddle up on the couch in your pajamas and some darn good socks.
  5. This cotton T-shirt I practically lived in. My pajama shirt. My Weekend shirt. My go to comfy shirt that I never wanted to take off… because you need a stretchy shirt that can be worn the entire pregnancy.
  6. I like to exfoliate. I am afraid of getting stretch marks and varicose veins and I will scrub scrub scrub!
  7. I would recommend a sports bra that you can also wear while breast feeding. My regular bras had that nasty mean wire!
  8. "My lips hurt really bad…" Chapped lips are not fun. I would pick one of these up each chance I could.
  9. Beside living in my T-shirt. My robe was there for me. When I was my biggest at 39 weeks pregnant my robe comforted me and was required in my hospital bag!

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