THE pepper EXPRESS: Lodi Grape & Harvest Festival

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Lodi Grape & Harvest Festival

When I was 13 my mom let me go to the Lodi Grape Festival with my friends. She gave me a $20 bill and I thought I was rich. Until I had to pay for all of my tickets. To this day they still cost $1 per ticket and it is always cheaper to buy the $23 wrist band. Again I only had $20, I was limited on what rides I could ride and what goodies I could buy. Cotton Candy is a must, but I was hungry and affraid to spend my money on a $7 corn dog.  Now I am 27 and pregnant and was told that you can not eat corn dogs when youre pregnant? This sign down below looks appealing but I dont think I'll have either.
(Although a Frosty or Fresh Fruit Shake sounds delicious)
(I have my hands tied by my decision on which fair food I should eat)
(Let's go to all of these places)
 (11 Weeks pregnant and completely in love with this man)

 (I love the vintage design of any Ferris Wheel)
(Both Robert & Carlie are very competitve, although I think Carlie won)

(Can I have it all)
(This display makes me happy because Halloween is almost here!)

(I think the sun was modeling for me)

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