THE pepper EXPRESS: Color Me Mine

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Color Me Mine

My little Carlie Rae joined me and some friends for a birthday celebration at Color Me Mine. This studio is fun for any age... I take that back maybe four and older... we dont need a Bam Bam up in here. The atmosphere is wonderful and the ladies are so helpful. I loved choosing the piece I was going to decorate. Because you want to decorate them all, but then you look at the intracate design and realize "hmmm do I want to spend this much time painting here?" Yes, yes you do.
(Carlie is growing up way to fast. She looks so mature here>)

(Tis the Season...)
(Carlie's sun was very detailed.She put a lot of time and effort to make her's very unique)
(And of course I need to show off my baby bump at Grace Vineyards)

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