THE pepper EXPRESS: 12 Weeks Prego

Thursday, September 19, 2013

12 Weeks Prego

Friends and family joined us tonight at the School Street Bistro in Lodi, Ca. I love spending a good night in my hometown. Walking down school street is very nostalgic for me. And I also like trying restaurants I couldnt go to when I was younger. This time I knew what I was going to order because of the rave reviews HERE! So give me some Southern Fried Okra and a Barbecued Shrimp Salad. Although I am disappointed about the wine list. Because dispite the fact that I am pregnant, Im still not going to have a glass of wine... just in case.
 (Brick walls just make me so happy. They make a wonderful back drop for any kind of photo.)

(So happy to share with you my 12 week baby bump)
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