THE pepper EXPRESS: September 2013

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Color Me Mine

My little Carlie Rae joined me and some friends for a birthday celebration at Color Me Mine. This studio is fun for any age... I take that back maybe four and older... we dont need a Bam Bam up in here. The atmosphere is wonderful and the ladies are so helpful. I loved choosing the piece I was going to decorate. Because you want to decorate them all, but then you look at the intracate design and realize "hmmm do I want to spend this much time painting here?" Yes, yes you do.
(Carlie is growing up way to fast. She looks so mature here>)

(Tis the Season...)
(Carlie's sun was very detailed.She put a lot of time and effort to make her's very unique)
(And of course I need to show off my baby bump at Grace Vineyards)

Thursday, September 19, 2013

12 Weeks Prego

Friends and family joined us tonight at the School Street Bistro in Lodi, Ca. I love spending a good night in my hometown. Walking down school street is very nostalgic for me. And I also like trying restaurants I couldnt go to when I was younger. This time I knew what I was going to order because of the rave reviews HERE! So give me some Southern Fried Okra and a Barbecued Shrimp Salad. Although I am disappointed about the wine list. Because dispite the fact that I am pregnant, Im still not going to have a glass of wine... just in case.
 (Brick walls just make me so happy. They make a wonderful back drop for any kind of photo.)

(So happy to share with you my 12 week baby bump)

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Lodi Grape & Harvest Festival

When I was 13 my mom let me go to the Lodi Grape Festival with my friends. She gave me a $20 bill and I thought I was rich. Until I had to pay for all of my tickets. To this day they still cost $1 per ticket and it is always cheaper to buy the $23 wrist band. Again I only had $20, I was limited on what rides I could ride and what goodies I could buy. Cotton Candy is a must, but I was hungry and affraid to spend my money on a $7 corn dog.  Now I am 27 and pregnant and was told that you can not eat corn dogs when youre pregnant? This sign down below looks appealing but I dont think I'll have either.
(Although a Frosty or Fresh Fruit Shake sounds delicious)
(I have my hands tied by my decision on which fair food I should eat)
(Let's go to all of these places)
 (11 Weeks pregnant and completely in love with this man)

 (I love the vintage design of any Ferris Wheel)
(Both Robert & Carlie are very competitve, although I think Carlie won)

(Can I have it all)
(This display makes me happy because Halloween is almost here!)

(I think the sun was modeling for me)

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