THE pepper EXPRESS: Yes We Did... 2432 miles

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Yes We Did... 2432 miles

A road trip to Montana was indeed necessary. Because my wonderful mother turned 5 0 this weekend. My husband and I decided to surprise her... and that we did. I rang the door bell and she cried the most happy tears I have ever scene. I usually only visit Montana during Christmas. But with a mile stone like that, we had to! The drive up there was exhausting as we left California at 4 am and arrived in Idaho Falls as scheduled. The only problem was the fire works in Idaho Falls. We found a great spot on the Greenbelt at 9pm. There were a couple set backs and a few more announcements over the radio, and sad to say that the fireworks came at 11pm that night. So the next morning was very hard to get up. That Friday we tried to enter Yellowstone and they were backed up 7 miles. We decided to drive up the Wyoming/Idaho state line and head up to Montana. We had an awesome surprise party. And on Sunday we decided to travel a little bit more to Absarokee, MT. Where we enjoyed a BBQ cookout. We are vegetarians; and it is usually very hard to find something to eat at a festival. Surprisingly they had a Healthy Booth! We had a delicious spring salad with a vegan lemon potato salad... it was everything I wanted. Until it started raining cats and dogs. And it didn't stop until we got home.

Sometimes when you drive for that long you need to stop and hang out at the Snake River

Before the Greenbelt was insanely packed

Happy Hour and I take Tic Tak Toe very seriously

Idaho Falls early morning

My little sister Brissten

When kids live with vegetarian parents they will eat a tri-tip sandwich when they can find one

My sister Raquel and I looking like wet dogs!

Wyoming and Montana state line

C & D were so excited to see BISON!

And they were this close to us?

The Sulfur Springs smelled like rotten eggs

Black Sand Beach

Yellowstone Lake

Biscuit Basin

Our family photo

One of my favorites The Saphire Pool

Now Yellowstone was definately an adventure. My family took me when I was a teenager, however I didnt truly appreciate the amazing sites like I do now. We saw hundreds of bison and Canadian Geese, but no moose. I really wanted to show C & D how interesting they are. No luck. 

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