THE pepper EXPRESS: I Left My Heart In San Francisco

Sunday, July 21, 2013

I Left My Heart In San Francisco

This weekend was very much anticipated for horrible weather. Usually San Francisco weather is cold and windy. But Saturday was beautiful. From the Ferry Building to Pier 39 gorgeous sunshine. I wore some comfortable walking shoes and dressed C&D in sweaters and long sleeves. We should have brought layers instead. The Embarcadero was packed. There was a lot going on with the farmers market and The Louis Vuitton Cup; lots of people. We met up later with my best friend Kristen who was going to the Giants game. And we had a fun search for clam chowder. Most of our favorite restaurants had a waiting time of over and hour. We found an awesome place called The Ferry Plaza Seafood and enjoyed crab melts and delicious clam chowder with sourdough bread!!!  A MUNI ride was necessary as we had to get back to the parking garage in enough time to meet my father at Benihanas. Delicious food by the way!
Here I have an overzealous amount of photos for you to enjoy!


 {I fell in love with the architecture at the Ferry Building}
 {The most delicious morels}

 {I had the gluten-free pastry}
 {RJ had the vegan rice ball}

 {yummy parsnips}

 {The amazing Vaillancourt Fountain}

 {Watching these sailboats really made my day}

 {The carousel was closed}

 {Yes Please}
 {This is where we found our clam chowder}


 {When we hit the Cliff House the weather turned on us}
 {This is where RJ proposed to me two years ago}

When I was younger the Cliff House was a fun penny arcade. Where you can get a corn dog and spend hours upon hours playing arcade games on five dollars. When the Cliff House was restored again in 2004 it wasn't the same. The restaurant is very nice but those nostalgic memories will always be there. On February 14, 2012; RJ proposed to me and it was incredible. So the Cliff House is even more dear to me than before. We always make it one of our stopping points when we visit the city. And you should too.

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