THE pepper EXPRESS: July 2013

Sunday, July 21, 2013

I Left My Heart In San Francisco

This weekend was very much anticipated for horrible weather. Usually San Francisco weather is cold and windy. But Saturday was beautiful. From the Ferry Building to Pier 39 gorgeous sunshine. I wore some comfortable walking shoes and dressed C&D in sweaters and long sleeves. We should have brought layers instead. The Embarcadero was packed. There was a lot going on with the farmers market and The Louis Vuitton Cup; lots of people. We met up later with my best friend Kristen who was going to the Giants game. And we had a fun search for clam chowder. Most of our favorite restaurants had a waiting time of over and hour. We found an awesome place called The Ferry Plaza Seafood and enjoyed crab melts and delicious clam chowder with sourdough bread!!!  A MUNI ride was necessary as we had to get back to the parking garage in enough time to meet my father at Benihanas. Delicious food by the way!
Here I have an overzealous amount of photos for you to enjoy!


 {I fell in love with the architecture at the Ferry Building}
 {The most delicious morels}

 {I had the gluten-free pastry}
 {RJ had the vegan rice ball}

 {yummy parsnips}

 {The amazing Vaillancourt Fountain}

 {Watching these sailboats really made my day}

 {The carousel was closed}

 {Yes Please}
 {This is where we found our clam chowder}


 {When we hit the Cliff House the weather turned on us}
 {This is where RJ proposed to me two years ago}

When I was younger the Cliff House was a fun penny arcade. Where you can get a corn dog and spend hours upon hours playing arcade games on five dollars. When the Cliff House was restored again in 2004 it wasn't the same. The restaurant is very nice but those nostalgic memories will always be there. On February 14, 2012; RJ proposed to me and it was incredible. So the Cliff House is even more dear to me than before. We always make it one of our stopping points when we visit the city. And you should too.

Friday, July 19, 2013

The Louis Vuitton Cup

I am so ready for this weekend. TGIF. Tomorrow we are heading into the city for a fun field day. Sailboats, Sailboats, Sailboats... say that ten times fast. The Louis Vuitton cup will be in full action in the San Francisco Bay. So we are going to visit some of my favorite places again. What I am truly looking forward to is seeing everyone wearing their nautical clothing. I get so excited whenever I am given the chance to wear stripes. Sad to say that my closet is 40% full of stripes!
The Louis Vuitton Cup
Equipment striped crew neck tee / Current/Elliott short cut off jean shorts / TOMS yellow flat / Forever 21 backpacks bag / Marc Jacobs leather purse / Kate Spade thin bangle / C. Wonder 14k earrings / Forever 21 straw hat / Illesteva yellow glasses / Authentic Models J-Yacht Rainbow 1934, $280

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My Life #Instagrammed

Last week was pretty crazy. We came home from our Montana road trip on Tuesday night. Started work early Wednesday morning and didn't have time to rest until this past weekend. Which included a wonderful date night and the Farmers Market. I miss my family in Montana already. It was a short visit but truly one to remember. The summer isn't over yet and hopefully a couple siblings might surprise me... hint hint!
Loving the Instagram feed. Find me @pepperexpress

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Let's Talk About Luggage

Planes, Trains, & Automobiles can get you from here to there. The real question is what are you going to wear when you get there. I recently heard a statistic on the radio that: Women spend more on clothes for a vacation than on the vacation itself.

I find that statement very TRUE! Whether I am going to Hawaii or to Montana, Disneyland or Tahoe. I must find a new wardrobe. Why? You should not ask that question... 
When I travel I love using duffel bags. Because they are fabulous for carry on luggage. When ever there is a scenario where I need to check luggage I will choose the suitcase with wheels. However that suitcase must stand out. I have a bright red suitcase that I use when I fly to Montana for Christmas and I can spot my luggage on any baggage claim carousel. These are a few I have found that have great style and are easy to find for any occasion!

Let's Talk About Luggage

D'Amico travel bag / Duffle bag / Tory Burch / Burton carry on luggage / Balenciaga / Puma luggage / Bric's lightweight luggage / Mi-Pac weekend bag, $45

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Yellowstone Part Two

I'm going to say it again... I am not a photographer. I love taking photos and unfortunately we have over 30,000 in our iPhotos. Sometimes nature just opens up and is ready for you to take some amazing photos. And of course Yellowstone is already breathtaking. During our road trip to Montana it rained a lot. At the end of our day in Yellowstone this is what happened:

^ and this

The clouds opened up for us and we were able to see the sunset over the Paint Pot. It truly was an incredible road trip. 

Yes We Did... 2432 miles

A road trip to Montana was indeed necessary. Because my wonderful mother turned 5 0 this weekend. My husband and I decided to surprise her... and that we did. I rang the door bell and she cried the most happy tears I have ever scene. I usually only visit Montana during Christmas. But with a mile stone like that, we had to! The drive up there was exhausting as we left California at 4 am and arrived in Idaho Falls as scheduled. The only problem was the fire works in Idaho Falls. We found a great spot on the Greenbelt at 9pm. There were a couple set backs and a few more announcements over the radio, and sad to say that the fireworks came at 11pm that night. So the next morning was very hard to get up. That Friday we tried to enter Yellowstone and they were backed up 7 miles. We decided to drive up the Wyoming/Idaho state line and head up to Montana. We had an awesome surprise party. And on Sunday we decided to travel a little bit more to Absarokee, MT. Where we enjoyed a BBQ cookout. We are vegetarians; and it is usually very hard to find something to eat at a festival. Surprisingly they had a Healthy Booth! We had a delicious spring salad with a vegan lemon potato salad... it was everything I wanted. Until it started raining cats and dogs. And it didn't stop until we got home.

Sometimes when you drive for that long you need to stop and hang out at the Snake River

Before the Greenbelt was insanely packed

Happy Hour and I take Tic Tak Toe very seriously

Idaho Falls early morning

My little sister Brissten

When kids live with vegetarian parents they will eat a tri-tip sandwich when they can find one

My sister Raquel and I looking like wet dogs!

Wyoming and Montana state line

C & D were so excited to see BISON!

And they were this close to us?

The Sulfur Springs smelled like rotten eggs

Black Sand Beach

Yellowstone Lake

Biscuit Basin

Our family photo

One of my favorites The Saphire Pool

Now Yellowstone was definately an adventure. My family took me when I was a teenager, however I didnt truly appreciate the amazing sites like I do now. We saw hundreds of bison and Canadian Geese, but no moose. I really wanted to show C & D how interesting they are. No luck. 

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